Hood Cleaning Videos

Now that the filters have been washed and cleaned, the next thing that the kitchen steward has to wash is its filter hood, of course.  For cleaning the kitchen filter hood, here is the process that a kitchen steward should follow.

Preparing the Cleaning Materials

What you will be needing are a bucket, a soft cloth, rubber gloves to protect your hands, and goggles to protect your eyes.  You will also need the cleaning agents, of course.  The protective gloves and goggles should be used so as to protect your skin and eyes from the chemicals as it can cause irritation or burn.

Once you have with you the necessary cleaning materials, remove the filters.  Set them aside where they will be safe from passersby and where they will not get dirty.

Cleaning the Innermost Portion of the Hood

Pour cleaning agent unto a soft cloth and then thoroughly wipe clean the hood’s inside, making sure that the grease is removed.  Removal of the grease is very important, especially since it can easily burst into flames if the fire from a stove shoots up.

Rinsing the Innermost Portion of the Hood

To rinse the innermost portion of the hood, you have to make use of another soft clean cloth soaked in hot water and then wrung free of excess water.  Gently but thoroughly wipe away all traces of the cleaning agent, rinsing the cloth and changing the cleaning water if necessary.

A precaution though.  Make sure that you wring the cloth free of water as too much of it can drip down onto the stove.  Also, you have to cover the deep fryer before cleaning the hood because if water gets mixed into the frying oil, it will spatter and might cause an accident, such as an injury or burn.

Cleaning the Outermost Portion of the Hood

Once you have washed the inside with the cleaning agent, you should then clean the exterior of the hood with cloth and cleaning agent.  Thoroughly wipe away any traces of dirt, grime, grease, oil, etc.

for the same reason as above.

After this, rinse the hood’s exterior off with a clean cloth dipped in hot water.  Remember to wring out the excess water because you do not want it dripping down the stove or oven.

Tidying Up

Now that the interior and exterior of the hood are clean and dry, you can now put back on the filters.  Make sure though that they are tightly secured because you do not want them falling onto the stove or over someone’s head.

After placing the filters back on, check the surround areas like the stoves as well as the grills and ovens.  Make sure that no cleaning agents or water dripped down over them as you were cleaning the hood.  If there are traces of cleaning agents or water, wipe it off with a clean cloth.  Remember, you always have to make sure that the area is clean so as to promote a good working environment for everybody.

If water dripped down onto the floor, mop it up and make sure that the floor is dry to avoid accidents like falls and slips.

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